Top Eight Sashes, Boas and Necklaces

A wedding veil might be the most obvious bachelorette party fashion accessory, but there are lots of other ways you can deck the bride to be out! Sashes, boas and necklaces can be a great way to help her get the attention she deserves, so check out our Top 8 below!

Gettin Hitched Sash#8: Gettin Hitched Sash

The Gettin Hitched Sash isn't for everyone, but if your bachelorette has a country girl streak in her, she'll love showing it off with this pink and white sash decorated with cowboy boots!

Penis Whistle Beads#7: Penis Whistle Beads

This beaded necklace is cute enough on its own, but it's even better because it's got a bunch of pink plastic penises hanging off of it! And it gets even better: one of those penises is a whistle, so you can use it to find the bachelorette if she gets lost!

Glowing Bride to Be Sash#6: Glowing Bride to Be Sash

The Glowing Bride to be Sash is perfect for a late night bachelorette party because, as the name implies, it glows in the dark! This sash is red with white lettering and silver sequins on the border.

Black Diamante Sash#5: Black Diamante Bride to Be Sash

The Black Diamante Bride to Be Sash is one of our most elegant sashes. The satiny black sash goes with any outfit, and really complements the silvery lettering that reads "Bride to Be" on the front of the sash.

Rainbow Penis Lei#4: Rainbow Light Up Penis Lei

The Rainbow Light Up Penis Lei is the most colorful item in this list by far, so if the bride loves color, this is the necklace for her! This pretty flower lei hides a naughty secret: light-up penises scattered throughout the flowers!

Get Me Drunk Sash#3: Get Me Drunk Sash

There are tons of sashes that say predictable things like "bride to be" or "bachelorette," but only one sash says how she's really feeling inside: Get Me Drunk! She might even be able to get some free drinks, wearing this sash at the bar or club.

Penis Shot Glass Necklace#2: Penis Shot Glass Necklace

This pearl necklace would be a nice fashion accessory all on its own, but it's even better because it combines fashion and function - hanging from this necklace is a penis-shaped shot glass that she can use to take shots throughout the night! 

Hot Pink Boa#1: Hot Pink Feather Boa

Pink is the most popular color scheme for bachelorette parties, so it's no wonder that our most popular boa is the Hot Pink Feather Boa! This bright pink boa will really make the bachelorette stand out in a crowd!