Bachelorette Party Drinking Dice

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Bachelorette Bar Dice comes with two very unique dice that will always keep you guessing!

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  • A Bachelorette dice game
  • A drinking game

Item Description

The Bachelorette Bar Dice set comes with two very unique dice that will always keep you guessing! This is a very fun and crazy game to play with all the girls in the Bachelorette Party.

Everyone will take turns rolling the dice to determine what they have to do. The white die tells you what to do. Each side lists an activity, like "Play a kid's game with..." or "Dirty dance with..." This is what the person whose turn it is will have to do with someone at the bar.

The pink die tells you who you do this activity with. Each side has a type of person, like "A Friend" or "A Hairy Guy." Full disclosure, five of the six sides are different types of guys. Once you've rolled the dice, you need to find someone matching the description on the pink die, and go do what the white die tells you to.

Sounds like a guarantee everyone will be having a good time out! This wild and crazy game may seem simple, but you might not think so once you've been playing it for a while. You might be surprised how quickly the rounds progress and the drinks flow.

This game is perfect for the bar or at home, though you might rack up quite a tab at the bar with all the drinks it tells you to take. Maybe the bachelorette can help you get all the drinks for free by showing off her tiara and buttons!

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