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Bachelorette Party Diamond Banner SALE
Bachelorette Party Diamond Banner Says PARTY SALE

Diamond Bachelorette Party Banner

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The Diamond Bachelorette Party Banner is durable, cute and great for decorating any space. Get it at, where we help you plan the best bachelorette parties.

Hot Facts

  • Diamond Bachelorette Party Banner
  • 8.5 feet long
  • Durable and fun

Item Description

How can you transform your house into party central? With decorations, of course! A few well-placed decorations make all the difference when it comes to making your space look festive and fun. Whether you're decorating your living room, dining room, entry way, or even a private room at a restaurant, decorations show the bachelorette you took extra time to make everything pretty and fancy just for her!

The Diamond Bachelorette Party Banner is a nice, high-quality, cardboard banner. It is 8.5 feet long. We like this banner because it is nicely made, with hinges between each letter. Each heavy-duty cardboard diamond has a pink letter on it, and the banner spells out: "BACHELORETTE PARTY." Use heavy-duty tape, thumbtacks or nails to attach this banner on your wall, bannister or archway.

The Diamond Bachelorette Party Banner is classy and cute. Hang it up and decorate your party space with style!



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