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Bachelorette Drink or Dare Foam Pecker Front SALE
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Bachelorette Drink or Dare Foam Pecker

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The Drink or Dare Foam Pecker is a fun drinking game that the whole party can play, and a great accessory for the bachelorette to wear on her hand!

Hot Facts

  • Spin to Play
  • 15 Inches Tall
  • Wear on Your Hand
  • Item Description

    Bachelorette parties have a lot in common with sporting events. They’re loud and exciting and more fun if you’re with a group. Almost everyone there is drunk. On some level, you’re celebrating people smashing their bodies into each other (don’t think too much about that one). And now, both events involve waving foam body parts in the air.

    Of course, the Bachelorette Drink or Dare Foam Pecker is more than just a prop to wave in the air to show your support for Team Bachelorette. It’s also a fun drinking game you can play at home, at the bar, or anywhere! Just take turns spinning the spinner located on one side of this funny foam phallus to see what drink or dare awaits you, then stride proudly out into the night waving your foam penis around in triumph over your accomplishment! Best of all, this is one game that doesn’t require any sports pads or balls or other expensive equipment like that - just a foam penis, some drinks, and a sense of humor!

    Approx. 15 inches tall.

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