Bachelorette Fun Raiser - Raise Money At The Bar

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The Bachelorette Fun-Raiser Scratcher raises up to $100 for the bachelorette. Get this super-fun bar game from the bachelorette party planner's at

Hot Facts

  • Bachelorette Fun-Raiser Scratcher
  • Complete challenges and collect money
  • Play with guys at the bar

Item Description

Wait, what's that? Meet guys at the bar AND take their money, all while performing hilarious challenges? Sign me up. The Bachelorette Fun-Raiser Scratcher Game is a new, fun way to collect money from guys at the bar, while involving them in silly dares and challenges.

Make up to $100 with these challenges. All you need to play is some willing gals and guys. Ask guys to play by getting them to scratch off a star. Under the star they'll find a challenge, like "Write your name on the bachelorette's boob," or "Get a foot/hand massage." The bachelorette or her guests will help him complete his challenge. Once it is complete, he owes you! Usually the challenges are worth $3 to $5. Some are sexual and some are silly, but all will be a blast to complete!

The Bachelorette Fun-Raiser Scratcher Game features 20 different challenges. This is a great game to play out at the bar or club, or anywhere where you are going to run into lots of dudes. Make sure to add some alcohol for the best game of Bachelorette Fun-Raiser.

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