Have an Out of Control Party with the Bachelorette Outta Control Party Pack!


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The Bachelorette Party Pack is a perfect pack of party accessories, whether you're having a night in or a night out! There's something in this pack everyone will have a blast with.

Hot Facts

  • Bachelorette Party Pack
  • Seven different activities and accessories
  • Perfect for home or going out

Item Description

Having trouble deciding what kind of games or activities to do at your upcoming bachelorette party? Why decide at all? Just do all of them! The Bachelorette Party Pack will let you do just that, providing a variety of activities and accessories to keep things fun and fashionable all night long. The Bachelorette Party Pack contains:

  • Drink or Dare Spinner Game
  • Outta Control Dare Checklist / Scoresheet
  • Bachelorette Party Treasure Hunt Game
  • Girl’s Night Out Centerpiece
  • 8 Fun ID Stickers, with identifiers like “I am the cutest” and “I am the best kisser”
  • Pink Light-Up Bling Ring
  • Elegant Bachelorette Tiara

    Whether you’re keeping it classy at home, getting wild out at the bar or club, or anywhere in between, the Bachelorette Party Pack has got something everyone at your party will love!
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