Set of 4 Bachelorette Party Ties

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The Bachelorette Party Ties are a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory that will truly make you and your friends stand out at your bachelorette party. They're ridiculous and fashionable!

Hot Facts

  • Four oversized ties
  • 2 feet long by 10 inches wide
  • Featuring fun messages

Item Description

Everyone knows that people wearing ties are important. You learn that at, like, age 5. So, it stands to reason that people wearing really big ties must be really important, right? That’s right. So, if you want everyone to know how important the bride-to-be and her posse are on her big night out - which is very important, maybe the most important - the best way to do that is probably to wear the biggest tie you can possibly find.

Well, you’re in luck, because the Bachelorette Party Ties are absolutely huge. They’re nearly 2 feet long, and about 10 inches wide at their widest point. These will probably be the biggest ties anyone you pass by has ever seen. So, naturally, they’ll think your group of friends are the most important people they’ve ever met. Which is true.

Of course, it wouldn’t be enough to convey mere importance; you have to let everyone know just why you’re all so important tonight. But don’t worry, the Bachelorette Party Ties have you covered on that front, too. Each tie has a different fun message on it to let people know who you are: “Virgin (maybe),” “Porn Star,” “Sexy and Single,” and of course, the “Bachelorette Bitch” herself. People should be able to figure out why you’re so important pretty easily after reading that. They might even be inclined to buy some free drinks for your royal highnesses. Dressing to impress never felt so good.

Comes with 4 oversized party ties.

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