Bride to Be Sash - Black Diamante

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Get the Black Diamante Bride to Be Sash to complete your bachelorette's sophisticated look. Give the bride-to-be a girls night out she'll never forget with help from

Hot Facts

  • Black Diamante Bride to Be Sash
  • Black sateen with gemstones

Item Description

The Black Diamante Bride to Be Sash is one of our nicer sashes. This silky, gemstone-studded sash features white print that reads, "Bride to be." On either side of the white writing, small gemstones spell out "Bachelorette."

The White Diamante Bride to Be Sash will go great with pretty much any outfit, but it definitely looks best over a white tank or t-shirt. That way it will really stand out, and so will your bachelorette!

Although, let's be honest. Your bachelorette is going to stand out no matter what. Chances are there won't be any confusion when everyone at the bar sees who all the other girls are buying shots for, deflecting guys off of, and lifting up above their heads. Still, even if she doesn't need any help being identified, your bachelorette will love the way this sash makes her look and feel!

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