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Boob shaped dodge ball SALE

A Giant 24 Inch Boobie Beach Ball

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The Big Boobie Beach Ball makes a great addition to any bachelor party, whether it's inside or outside. Your guests will love playing with this big boobie!

Hot Facts

  • Big Boobie Beach Ball
  • 24 inches wide
  • Easy to inflate

Item Description

This is a boob shaped dodge ball. No, it isn't for kids to use on the playground, this is for adults. I guess some adults play dodge ball. I don't, but that's OK. I don't really enjoy having breasts hit my face either but I certainly know many dudes that do play dodge ball and enjoy some breast-face contact. So maybe they would like a Boob Dodge Ball.

It is fairly large, 9" in diameter, so it is more than a handful (ha!). Maybe a C? It is very soft and squishy, not like a kickball.

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