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Guarantee you get some action at the bachelor party with the All Day Boobies Suckers. Plan your naughty bachelor party with we won't tell a soul!

Hot Facts

  • All Day Boobies Sucker
  • Fruit flavors
  • One per package

Item Description

Your buddies have gotten you all the booze and gag gifts there are for your bachelor party, but still, you're not satisfied. They know as well as you do what it is you really want to put in your mouth. But since you can't suck on the stripper's boobies, you should get your fix with the All Day Boobies Suckers.

These sweet and tasty suckers are big and will last forever. Well, if you pace yourself sucking on them, anyways, they will definitely live up to their name. But let's be honest. Nobody at your party's going to do that.

They're inexpensive, too, so you can get one for every guy at the party. After all, it wouldn't be fair for only some of the guys to get to suck on boobies all night long. You could even make a game of finding out who can make theirs last the longest. We're betting it won't be very long, because these things are so tasty and so realistic-looking that their appeal is hard to resist.

The All Day Boob Suckers come in assorted fruit flavors. We cannot grant requests for specific flavors, so you will receive a random flavor when you order. If you order more than one, we will do our best to give you an assortment of flavors.

One sucker per package.

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