Fruit-Flavored Boobie Gum

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Boobie Blow Gum is a tasty treat that all the guys will love. How could you pass up the opportunity to suck on a bunch of boobies for a few hours?

Hot Facts

  • Boob-shaped gum
  • Four fruity flavors
  • 100g of gum

Item Description

Marriage is great, but there are a few unfortunate tradeoffs that every guy knows inherently come along with it. Not necessarily getting to watch the game whenever you want to. Having to put up with the in-laws a couple times a year. Only getting to put one pair of boobs in your mouth for the rest of your life. You know, obvious problems like that.

Being the awesome groomsman or best man that you are, you’ve decided to do what you can to help your friend cope with at least one of those problems he’ll soon have to face. Of course, you’ve seen how fiendishly defensive the bride-to-be gets when anyone so much as suggests changing the channel from her favorite show. And you dare not even approach the topic of her notoriously disapproving parents. I guess that narrows it down to the boobs thing. That seems like the safest and easiest one to address.

... By giving him a pack of Boobie Blow Gum, of course! Boobie Blow makes a great party snack or a gift for the bachelor to hoard, so he can sneak one in any time he feels a longing for a different pair in his mouth. One pack of Boobie Blow comes with an assortment of four fruity flavors and colors. They taste pretty good, although it’s not the longest lasting flavor in the world.

Net Weight 100g.

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