Boobs Air Freshener

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The Boobs Air Freshener is a great way to really freshen up the party! It may not actually smell like boobs, but it sure does smell like a fun time!

Hot Facts

  • Cartoon Boobs Shape
  • Nice Floral Scent
  • Great Party Favor

  • Item Description

    When it comes to preparing for a bachelor party, people tend to focus a lot on the visual aspect of things - the decorations for the house, the clothing and accessories for the bachelor and groomsmen, et cetera. Taste is often a secondary consideration, when it comes to picking out beers and boob cakes. But it’s also important that you don’t neglect the other senses. A truly slammin’ bachelor party is a complete sensory experience. Sound and touch should be easy enough to figure out - make a playlist of his favorite songs for sound; and as for touch, well, we’ll let you use your imagination on that one. But what about smell?

    If you ask us, there’s only one scent that’s truly fitting for a bachelor party. And that’s the ripe, sweaty scent of boobs. Good thing they make an air freshener that captures that one-of-a-kind odor, huh?

    We’re just kidding, of course. The Boobs Air Freshener doesn’t actually smell like penis. It has a nice floral scent, we’re not sure exactly what - lavender, maybe? Whatever it is, it smells a lot nicer than the thing it looks like. But what fun would a regular tree-shaped air freshener be at a bachelor party? The Boobs Air Freshener lets you have the best of both worlds with an air freshener that will satisfy in both smell and sight.

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