Boobs Travel Mug

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The Boobs Travel Mug will be perfect for drinking mixed drinks out of at your bachelor party, and the groom can keep it and re-use it for years to come!

Hot Facts

  • Good for Hot or Cold Drinks
  • Removable Boobs Sleeve
  • Holds over 20 oz.

  • Item Description

    I like my women like I like my travel mugs. First, they have to be tall. Second, they have to be ready to go at any time. Oh yeah, and most importantly: they have to have at least twenty pairs of boobs.

    Maybe those are unrealistic expectations for women. But fortunately, they’re not unrealistic expectations for mugs, thanks to the Boobs Travel Mug! This plastic mug with a secure screw-on lid is perfect for taking your beverage of choice on the go. If your bachelor party involves bar hopping, strip club hopping, or anything else that involves going from location to location over the course of the day or night, good travel mugs for all the guests are a must-have. Just fill them up with coffee, or water, or beer, or whiskey, or… you know, whatever beverage the occasion calls for! The double layers of plastic will help retain the beverage’s temperature for longer, and the tab on the lid makes drinking from them super convenient. And if you’re having a wild bachelor party, this design just can’t be beat!

    We can all dream of a day when you can get the groom a twenty-titted stripper for his bachelor party. But until then, nobody will mind if you settle for this travel mug instead.

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