Penis Cupcake Pan

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Bake unforgettable cupcakes with these Penis Cupcake Molds. Plan the perfect bachelorette party at

Hot Facts

  • Penis Cupcake Molds
  • Makes 6 cupcakes or jello shots
  • A reusable pan

Item Description

Use these Penis Cupcake Molds to make scrumptious bachelorette party snacks that are like nothing your guests have ever had before. You can make penis shaped cupcakes or Jell-O shots—this mold works equally great for both! If you ask us, you should plan ahead of time so that you can use it to make both. Your guests will love the variety of different flavored penises there are to choose from on your snack table.

This cupcake pan makes 6 cupcakes. The entire pan is 9 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches. Each of the six cupcakes will be 4 3/8 inches long, 2 3/4 inches wide and 1 inch deep. That may not seem like a big penis, but most penises aren't made of super-rich devil's food cake, now are they?

Who doesn't like cupcakes? And if you're one of the rare people that doesn't, you can make Jell-O shots instead! The Jell-O shots you can produce with this pan will be huge, guaranteeing tipsy guests who are ready for fun.

A good tip for making Jell-O shots: Substitute 1/2 of the water with vodka. Don't overheat or you'll boil off the alcohol.

Whatever way you use the Mid-Sized Penis Cupcake Molds, you will definitely enjoy the end result. Mmm!

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