A Mini Cowgirl Hat for the Bridal Posse


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The Bridal Party Cowgirl Hat is the perfect thing for your country girl bachelorette's posse to wear when they go out with her on her big night out!

Hot Facts

  • Pink cowgirl hat for the bridal posse
  • Roughly 7" long
  • Clips into hair

Item Description

None of the fearsome outlaws or dashing heroes of the Old West would be half of what they were without their posse, and brides are no different! Maybe you’ve got a fabulous and fashionable veiled cowgirl hat for the bride, but don’t leave out the rest of the bridal party! The Bridal Posse Mini Cowgirl Hat is a miniature pink cowgirl hat with two clips to securely attach it to the wearer’s hair. On the front, it says “Bridal Posse” in big white and black letters, to help differentiate your best gals from all the other fillies in the room. With these on your heads, no one will stand between you and your raucous rodeo of a bachelorette party. They may not quite be ten gallon hats, but you’ll all love moseying around the bar in them all the same. Yee-haw!

One size fits all (hat measures approximately 7 inches from front to back and clips on).

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