Bride To Be Rosette

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The Bride to Be Rosette is a cute and classy accessory your bride can wear. offers hundreds of accessories to make your bachelorette party a blast.

Hot Facts

  • Bride to Be Rosette
  • Cute and Classy
  • Easily attaches to any clothing

Item Description

Add a little festive flair to your bride-to-be’s outfit with the Bride To Be Rosette! The cute and classy Bride To Be Rosette pins to the bachelorette’s shirt (or anywhere else) to let everyone you encounter throughout the night know whose party it is. If you’re looking for a way to distinguish the bachelorette from the guests that’s inexpensive and doesn’t draw too much attention away from the rest of her outfit, the Bride To Be Rosette is a great choice.

The Bride To Be Rosette is white with pink lettering, and will go with pretty much any outfit she chooses to wear. Unlike sashes, tiaras, t-shirts, and other bride-to-be clothing items, this rosette won’t dictate an entire outfit for your bachelorette; it can just be incorporated into whatever she was already planning on wearing. It’s a super easy way to get her, and everyone else, in the bachelorette party spirit!

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