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Jello Shot Cups with Lids

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Hot Facts

  • Plastic Jello Shot Cups with Lids
  • Easy to transport
  • 25 jello shot cups per package

Item Description

After twenty painstaking hours of making batch after batch of jello shots for your best friend's bachelorette party, you're finally done. Hours ago, your resentment towards the maid of honor for sticking you with this arduous task wore off and gave way to simple exhaustion. But now it will all be worth it. When the girls get a taste of these perfectly formulated jello shots, all of the trouble you went through will seem like it was a cakewalk.

But wait. How will you get them there? The road from your house to the bachelorette's is notoriously pothole-ridden. There's no way these will make it without spilling all over the interior of your brand new car.

If only you'd picked up these clear 2.5 oz. Plastic Jello Shot Cups with Lids. These jello shot cups will safely transport your valuable jello shots from your home to the bachelorette party. The secure lids mean no messes. Maybe the scenario we gave is a bit of an exaggeration, but in any circumstances, no messes is a very, very good thing.

One of the benefits of having see-thru jello cups is that if you make a bunch of different flavors, you'll know which ones are which. You wouldn't want the bachelorette to go for a mystery flavor and be surprised with the one flavor she can't stand in the whole world. Yuck. These are also inexpensive and great for travel.

Each package contains 25 clear plastic 2.5 oz. jello shot cups and 25 lids.

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