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Colorful Dick Sucker Lollipop SALE
Colorful Dick Sucker Lollipop SALE
Colorful Dick Sucker Lollipop SALE

Colorful Variety Dick Suckers

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These Colorful Variety Dick Suckers come in six different colors and flavors! When you order, you'll receive one of a random color and flavor.

Hot Facts

  • Six Possible Colors
  • Receive a Random Color
  • Net Weight 20g
  • Item Description

    We carry a few different rainbow-colored penis lollipops, and we’ve been told time and time again by customers that they went over super well as a snack for gay bachelor or bachelorette parties. The only complaint we’ve heard about them is that, well… what the hell is “rainbow flavor,” anyways? It doesn’t taste bad at all, it’s definitely some vaguely fruity and delicious concoction, but it doesn’t really taste like any flavor in particular. What could it be? We thought this was a very good question, so we set to work on figuring out the answer.

    Well, now our brilliant dick-scientists have finally cracked the code, and with the use of some sophisticated candy-prisms, they’ve managed to break the flavor rainbow down into the spectrum of its component flavors. It turns out that “rainbow flavor” is a combination of strawberry, orange, banana, lime, blue raspberry, and grape.

    Of course, it took our scientists several dozen trials to figure that out. Or maybe they figured it out the first time, and just liked watching the candy-prism split the lollipop into sixths over and over again. Either way, now we’ve got a bunch of these single-colored, single-flavored penis lollipops lying around. Maybe you’d like to take them off our hands?

    These colorful dick suckers are sold individually. You will receive a random flavor with your order. It is not possible to request a specific flavor, but if you order multiple suckers, we will do our best to provide a variety.

    Each sucker weighs 20g (0.71 oz). They are sold individually.

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