Dad Bod Black Blow-Up Doll

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This black guy inflatable blow-up doll has a bit of a dad bod - perfect if the bachelorette is marrying a black dude who doesn't exactly look like Wesley Snipes!

Hot Facts

  • Easy to Inflate
  • Detailed Face
  • Long Member

  • Item Description

    The people have spoken, and they have declared: we want more non-white blow-up dolls! And we couldn’t agree more. It’s 2019, and we only had one black guy? Yikes. We’re still working on tracking down some other ethnicities (the entire male blow-up doll industry must be based in Vermont or Maine or somewhere, because it is whiiiiite), but in the meantime, we think you’ll appreciate the variety of now having two black dolls to choose from.

    Our existing doll has a more serious face and washboard abs, whereas this one has a friendlier face and more of a, uh… dad bod, I guess? But there’s one thing they do have in common: that most important part of male blowup doll anatomy is true to the stereotypes so it won’t leave your bachelorette disappointed!

    Blowup dolls are a hilarious addition to any bachelorette party. Whether you want to present him to the bachelorette as a gift, play a game with him at the party, or whatever your intentions may be, the Dad Bod Inflatable Doll will never let you down. Unless he deflates. But surely you won’t be so rough with him to make that happen, right? Right?

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