Dirty Dishes Sex Position Napkins


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These Dirty Dishes are the best kind of dirty dishes, period! Get these napkins at Bachelorette.com, where our party planning experts make throwing a bachelorette party easy and fun.

Hot Facts

  • Dirty Dishes Sex Position Napkins
  • Modern and fun
  • 8 napkins

Item Description

We love the Dirty Dishes Sex Position Napkins! The Dirty Dishes Sex Position Napkins are super cute napkins that feature naughty little stick figures in all sorts of silly sexual positions. And they have a great and clever name, too!

Use the Dirty Dishes Sex Position Napkins at the bachelorette party for a fun variation of traditional penis napkins. These plates come in a classic white color with black and red print on them. These plates are somehow classier than other bachelorette party plate options.

If you love these and are looking to decorate your bachelorette party with further sex position items, we don't blame you. They're much more exciting than simple penis-shaped decorations! There are plates that go with these napkins, and toilet paper decorated in a similar fashion, too!

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