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Disco Pecker Necklace SALE
Disco Pecker Necklace SALE
Disco Pecker Necklace SALE
Disco Pecker Necklace SALE
Disco Pecker Necklace SALE

Disco Pecker Necklace

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The Disco Pecker Necklace is the perfect fashion accessory for a 70s-themed bachelorette party, a party at a 70s-themed club, or any party, because disco never goes out of style!

Hot Facts

  • Shiny Disco Ball
  • Pink Feather Accents
  • Bright Pink Pecker
  • Item Description

    The Disco Pecker Necklace is a one-size-fits-all lanyard-style necklace ornamented with a shiny silver disco ball and a pink plastic penis. In order to write about it, we looked up famous disco songs, and we were going to make naughty parodies of the song names. Except it almost seems like someone has already done our work for us. Seriously, here are some of the top disco songs of all time according to google:

    Hot Stuff
    I Feel Love
    Night Fever
    Le Freak
    Knock on Wood
    Boogie Oogie Oogie
    That’s the Way I Like It
    Super Freak
    Shake Your Groove Thing
    It’s Raining Men

    If those don’t sound like sexual innuendos, I don’t know what does. Almost every single disco song already sounds like it’s about sex. Except maybe “We Are Family.” Hopefully that one isn’t about sex. Yikes.

    Anyways, it goes to show that the connection between disco and penis is a long-standing one that cannot be denied. So embrace it, by wearing the Disco Pecker Necklace! This fun and funky fresh accessory is perfect for a disco-themed or 70s-themed bachelorette party, but it will also look fabulous at any kind of party. The next time I throw a bachelorette party, I’m going to make sure all the girls have one of these groovy dudes to wear around their neck, because That’s the Way I Like It.

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