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Drink Master Says is a fantastic drinking game. Give the bride-to-be a night out she'll never forget with help from Bachelorette.com.

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  • Drink Master Says
  • A drinking game for parties

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Drink Master Says is the ultimate party in a pack. It is one of the best bachelorette party games we've ever sold. The game is an exciting mix of rules and challenges, loaded with non-stop action. Once you start playing, you may never want to stop!

The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards first. Along the way, you might have to drink with no hands, balance stuff on your head, or be a part of a burping competition. Dares, drinking, and laughing at your friends...a perfect game for a Bachelorette Party, if you ask us.

It may seem difficult to get the hang of (especially when you're a few drinks in), but all of that hard work will be totally worth when you become "The Drink Master." What does this mean? Why, what DOESN'T it mean? The Drink Master is the ultimate position of power and authority at any party.

My suggestion would be to have a great prize for the winner to encourage enthusiasm. Something like an inflatable penis or flashing penis wand. You could also give them the power to decide what everyone else drinks for the rest of the party. They are the Drink Master, after all.

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