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The F*ck You Face Mask is a silly face mask for your epic bachelorette party. Get your face masks at Bachelorette.com, where we help you plan the perfect party!

Hot Facts

  • F U Finger Face Mask
  • A novelty face mask
  • A knitted jersey fabric

  • Item Description

    Your crew has a vibe. Ya know, a "don't fuck with us" kinda thing. If that's true, the F*ck You Finger Face Mask is the one for you. This hilarious face mask is covered with all kinds of middle fingers.

    We love that the F*ck You Face Mask is extremely inclusive, featuring all different flesh tones. It shows the way we can all unite together in flipping people off.

    Stay safe with the F U Finger Face Mask. Don't forget to buy one for each person at your party! 

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