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Bachelorette Party Fascinator SALE

A Cute Hair Accessory for the Bachelorette

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If you want your bachelorette to stand out with a unique look at her bachelorette party, try the Bachelorette Party Fascinator from She'll love it!

Hot Facts

  • Bachelorette Party Fascinator
  • Cute and classy
  • Goes with any outfit

Item Description

I’ve always wondered why a fascinator was called a fascinator. I guess “entrancer” and “mesmerizer” must have already been taken, or something. I feel like there are so many things that the name “fascinator” would be more appropriate for, though. Like a combination ice cream machine and vacuum cleaner. Or a windshield wiper that does your taxes. Yet somehow, the name stuck to this headpiece, for some reason we may never be able to fathom. One of those mysteries of the universe, I guess.

But here’s something that’s no mystery at all: how much attention is your bride-to-be going to get wearing this Bachelorette Party Fascinator when you go out? Lots and lots. It may not be the most fascinating thing ever by itself, but when you stick it on the radiant bachelorette’s head and combine it with all her other fabulous accessories, you’d best believe that everyone you pass on the street or at the bar is going to be quite fascinated indeed.

The Bachelorette Party Fascinator is pink, with white and pink veil-like material sticking out of it in a cute and fun design. It also features several pearl-like stones and a generous helping of shiny glittering sequins. With all of that going on in such a small area, there’s no way it won’t stand out and attract attention. And if the bachelorette’s wearing it, that means she’s going to get plenty of attention too - as it should be, on a night that’s all about her!

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