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The Female Stripper Mug makes a great gag gift and something for him to drink out of at the bachelor party - just add a hot drink and watch her clothes disappear!

Hot Facts

  • Great gag gift
  • Clothes disappear with heat
  • Perfect for the bachelor

  • Item Description

    When you think of a stripper, what adjectives come to mind? Sexy, sweaty, sultry... and expensive. Whether you take all the guys to a strip club or hire a private dancer to come to your house, expenses can easily reach into the hundreds of dollars. Not that I know because I’ve bought dozens and dozens of strippers, or anything ridiculous like that... it’s just because I’m a bachelor party planning expert that I know these things. Trust me.

    And you can also trust me when I say: there’s a cheaper alternative. You can, in fact, get all the sexiness and surprise of a live strip show for under $10. And no, it doesn’t involve any exploitative human labor practices! The answer to your clothes-shedding currency concerns is right here: The Female Stripper Mug!

    On the surface, the Female Stripper Mug looks like an ordinary mug featuring a sexy woman in some skimpy underwear. That would be pretty great in and of itself, but the real magic happens when you fill the mug with hot liquid. Suddenly, watch that underwear disappear right before your eyes, in a motion more fluid and deft than any human stripper could ever pull off (haha, pull off, get it?)

    The Female Stripper Mug makes an excellent gag gift for a bachelor party or gay bachelorette party. We recommend serving it to the bachelor or bachelorette with no explanation, pouring them a hot toddy or mulled wine, and watching the reaction spread across their face as they realize what exactly it is they’re bringing up to put their lips on. They’ll thank you for sparing the expense of the strip club, and their wife- or husband-to-be will thank you for not taking them to a damn strip club.

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