Black Flashing Bachelorette Sash

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The Miss Bachelorette Sash flashes and makes her the party star. Plan a memorable bachelorette party with help from the bachelorette party experts at

Hot Facts

  • Miss Bachelorette Sash
  • Flashes with LED lights
  • For the bold bachelorette

Item Description

Bling out the bride-to-be with the Flashing Miss Bachelorette Sash! This sash is trendy in black, with hot pink sequins and script that reads, "Miss Bachelorette"

We like the Miss Bachelorette Sash because it blinks and flashes with little LED lights. This is the perfect sash to get the bachelorette who wants to be noticed.

The bachelorette can wear the Miss Bachelorette Sash to her bachelorette party at home or out on the town. She could also wear it to the salon before the wedding so everyone knows what she's up to ... or to the bridal shower!

1 bachelorette party sash.

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