Flashing Stickers for Your Bachelorette Party


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Flashing Bachelorette Party Stickers are the perfect way to make your party stand out amongst the crowd! Get great accessories like these from Bachelorette.com.

Hot Facts

  • Flashing Stickers
  • Light up in multiple colors
  • Four stickers per pack

Item Description

This set of self-adhesive stickers is a great way of drawing attention to your bachelorette party when you’re out at the bar or club. The set of four includes labels that are sure to get a laugh from anyone reading them: “Slut,” “Bitch,” “Porn Star,” and “Sexy.” You can let the guests pick out the stickers they think are most appropriate for themselves, or let the bride decide - it’s her party, after all!

The stickers are bright pink, covered in hearts, and three inches in diameter, so they should be pretty easy to notice stuck on shirts or dresses. But if that’s not quite attention-getting enough for you, don’t worry - press the center of the sticker, and they’ll start flashing with bright red, green, and blue LED lights for about 15 seconds! Trust us, with accessories like these, no one will be able to ignore your party full of sexy bitches, sluts, and porn stars.

One sheet of four stickers.

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