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Light Up Ring Pop

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Light up the bar when your guests wear Flashing Ring Pops. Give the bride-to-be a girls' night out she'll never forget with help from

Hot Facts

  • Flashing Ring Pops
  • In Strawberry, Green Apple and Raspberry
  • 1 per order

Item Description

The Flashing Ring Pop is our favorite sucker. Why? It's cheap, it's tasty, and it looks awesome. The Flashing Ring Pop lights up when you put it on (your finger will press on a little "on" button on the inside of the band). The pop itself is giant, and so is the flash. So both you and everyone around you will be impressed by this stylish little sucker.

Most of the lollipops we sell are penis-shaped, and we love all of them. But unfortunately, we still live in a world where it's inappropriate to walk into some situations licking a big fruity phallus. In those situations, the Flashing Ring Pop is your best bet. Not to mention, it flashes, which none of our other suckers can say. Which is probably a good thing, come to think of it. A penis-shaped pop that flashes people might not be too appropriate for any situation.

Your bachelorette party guests will love the Flashing Ring Pop. Wear the Light-Up Ring Pops to the bar or give them out at your party. They come in different fruit flavors which are all delicious, and you will receive a random flavor when you order. When you order more than one, we'll give you an assortment of random flavors.

1 Ring Pop per package.

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