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Free Gift With A $50 Bachelorette Party Order SALE

Free Gift With A $50 Bachelorette Party Order

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These free bachelorette party gifts were carefully chosen to enhance your bachelorette party.

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A free gift with any $50 bachelorette party order.

Item Description

If you order over $50 worth of merchandise from we will be happy to include this free gift. I can't tell you exactly what it is... because it changes all the time! One week it could be a pack of fun penis-shaped straws, and the next week it could be delicious penis candy. The next week it might not even be penis-shaped (if you can believe we even sell such things)! Who knows? Someday we may deliver you a new car, just for spending $50, but I doubt it. Maybe a penis-shaped car. But still, probably not.

What I can say about the gift is that it will definitely be something bachelorette party related and probably quite useful. Whatever you end up getting, it's sure to make an improvement to your bachelorette party.

Please remember to put this item in your shopping cart if you want your free gift. Once your order is placed, we can no longer add free gifts to the order.

Fine Print: Don't try to order 2 of them, or order one if you haven't spent $50, it won't work out in your favor. Trust me, it has a retail value of $4.99 and you will get charged for both (or for the one if you haven't spent enough)!

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