The Perfect Footwear for the Bachelor

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The Groom Flipflops are the perfect footwear for the bachelor to wear on his last night of freedom. is happy to help you dress up the groom for his wild night.

Hot Facts

  • Groom Flip Flops
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Fashionable and Comfortable

Item Description

So your best buddy’s big day is coming up, and he’s stressing out because the bride and everyone else keeps telling him he has to dress all fancy for it, or something. And you’ve known him since you were kids; he’s never dressed fancy in his life. Maybe that time he borrowed his older brother’s oversized suit for a graduation ceremony, and looked ridiculous in it, but that’s it. Fortunately, the bride has given pretty clear instructions on what to wear that even the two of you can’t screw up. Tuxedo, vest, bow tie, check, check, check.

But what about his feet? Nobody told you what he should wear on his feet! What kind of footwear is appropriate for a wedding, anyways???

Oh, that’s it! We’ve got it! Flip flops that say “The Groom” on them, duh! What could be more wedding-appropriate than that? That way, nobody will get confused about who he is. Because, you know, he might have just blended into the crowd otherwise. Perfect. Crisis averted. I bet the bride-to-be is going to love this.

One pair of flip flops. One size fits most.

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