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Grow A Boyfriend - Who Knew it was So Easy!

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Grow A Boyfriend is a cute and hunky party favor that all your guests, single or taken, are sure to appreciate. Find great party favors like these here at

Hot Facts

  • Grow a Boyfriend
  • Grows from 2.5 inches to 15 inches tall
  • Reaches full size in 72 hours

Item Description

If there’s one downside to bachelorette parties, it’s that they can make the bachelorette’s unmarried guests feel a little lonely. It’s only natural; you’re celebrating your good friend’s upcoming lifelong freedom from loneliness, of course you’re going to feel a little lonely if you’re single. But worry not, because the man of your dreams can be right there with you at the party. You just might have to wait for him to sit underwater for a little while first. But you know how men can be, with their unreasonable requests like that.

Grow A Boyfriend makes a perfect party favor at a bachelorette party to ensure that no one feels left out of the spirit of romance in the air. He may not look like much at first, but trust us - he’s a grower, not a shower. In fact, you could say he’s the ultimate grower, capable of growing to six times his original size. That’s so impressive, even the happily-engaged bachelorette might get jealous! Her loss, though. That’s what she gets for settling for a real, human man.

One grow-a-boyfriend. Just submerge in water to watch him grow. Begins to grow in 2 hours, reaches full size in 72 hours, and can be removed from water to return to original size and regrown any number of times.



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