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GumBALLS really put the "balls" in "gumballs" with their hilarious, bachelorette party-appropriate design! And they don't taste half bad, either!

Hot Facts

  • Two Bold Colors
  • Strawberry and Grape Flavors
  • 24 per Pack

  • Item Description

    Here’s the new bachelorette party game craze that’s sweeping the nation: How Many Balls Can You Fit In Your Mouth? It couldn’t be easier to play. All you need is a group of willing bachelorette party attendees, and a few dozen sets of balls. What do you mean, shouldn’t I be saying “willing sets of balls?” Well, that’s kind of redundant, isn’t it? As if there is a set of balls in the world that wouldn’t want to be crammed into you and your friends’ mouths. It’s their honor and privilege to be gargled by such a beautiful group of women! As for where you’re going to find all these sets of balls, you’re on your own with figuring that one out. You could start by asking the groomsmen…

    Ehem, sorry, I’ve just been informed that this product description is NOT for a party game. It is, in fact, for a type of bubblegum, and the balls in question are gumballs, rather than the type of balls I previously thought they were. Oh, but the other kind would have been so much fun… sorry. I’ll stop forcing my own personal idea of a perfect bachelorette party. Don’t say I never gave you any fun ideas for how to have a good time though ;)

    No matter which type of balls you’re into putting in your mouth, GumBALLS bring you the best of both worlds. These big, tasty gumballs are made with real sugar and fill your mouth with an explosion of delicious strawberry and grape flavors. Best of all, they aren’t just ordinary gumballs - printed on each one in edible ink are a realistically detailed pair of that other sort of balls I was talking about earlier! If you can’t find a bunch of pairs of real balls to shove in your mouths, I guarantee your bachelorette party guests will think this is a pretty good stand-in!

    Editor’s Note: Please do not actually try shoving as many GumBALLS as you can in your mouth at once, as was suggested earlier. That’s a choking hazard. Enjoy your balls responsibly.

    24 pieces per package.

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