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Penis Jello Shot Mold SALE
Penis Jello Shot Mold SALE
Penis Jello Shot Molds SALE
Bachelorette Party Favors Penis Jello Shot Mold SALE
Penis Jello Shot Mold - Side View SALE
Penis Jello Shot Mold - Makes Four Penises SALE
Penis Jello Shot Mold - Aerial View SALE

Penis Jello Shot Tray

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Impress your bachelorette and party-goers with penis jello shots. Plan your naughty bachelorette party with -- we won't tell a soul!

Hot Facts

  • The Penis Jello Shot Mold
  • The coolest jello shots ever
  • Each tray makes four shots

Item Description

Penis Jello Shot Molds were created especially for making perfect jello shots. We sell other ice cube trays that are excellent for making ice cubes but not so great for making jello shots. For years we have been unimpressed with the size of the jello shots that other trays produced. They just weren't large enough for our drinking purposes!

If you've been experiencing similar woes, then you're in luck. This super-sized, penis-shaped jello shot mold is the perfect solution. The Penis Jello Shot Mold is about the size of a regular ice cube tray and it makes 4 LARGE ice cubes or four great jello shots.

These jello shots are perfect for any bachelorette party! They contain just the amount of alcohol you want a jello shot to contain, instead of those wimpy normal ones that you have to take half a dozen of to feel anything. Not that we've ever heard anyone complaining about taking dozens of jello shots! The ice cubes they can make work great in giant novelty glasses, too.

We suggest buying two trays and making the jello in small batches. When a batch is done setting, remove the jello shots from the mold, place them on a tray, cover with plastic wrap and make another batch. The jello shots will stay fresh for a day or so; after that they get sort of filmy.

We're so happy that we finally have the perfect jello shot mold. Now we're going to have to make Penis Jello Shots to celebrate.

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