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Ladies Night Conversation Starting Sticks

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Break the ice with the Ladies Night Conversation Starter Sticks. Buy these for the bachelorette party at, where we bill and ship privately.

Hot Facts

Conversation starter sticks for a great Ladies Night Out.

Item Description

These Conversation Starting Sticks are one of our favorite items for the Bachelorette Party or any party you might have! Are you bringing girls together who haven't met before? Don't fear awkward silence. Simply pass out the Ladies Night Conversation Starter Sticks.

The Ladies Night Conversation Starter Sticks come with 100 really cool topics for conversation. We like them because they will help your guests find fun topics of conversation and get to know each other quickly. They're not dirty or naughty, just interesting.

Sample topics:

  • Name places you would go if you had a magic carpet.
  • Experiences you have recently read about and would like to try.
  • Pet peeves.
  • A weird thought today that you haven't shared with anyone.
  • Things you did on dates in high school that your parents wouldn't approve of

The Ladies Night Conversation Starters will be fun for old friends and new pals. 100 topics.

Customer Reviews

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These were such a great way to break the ice. Really created that "everyone is just here to have fun" atmosphere I wanted!

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