Girls' Night Trivia Coasters

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The Ladies Night Trivia Coasters feature a quiz game that will get the bachelorette party guests talking.

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  • Ladies Night Trivia Coasters
  • Questions about dating and dudes

Item Description

You might think you want to know everything about guys, until you play the Ladies Night Relationship Trivia Game. This game asks all kinds of questions about men, and gives you the puzzling answers.

For instance, what would 90% of women do that only 59% of men would do if they won the lottery? That's right, ladies, stay married! Huh, that's not at all depressing news to share at a bachelorette party. And, hey, Trivia Coasters, where exactly did you find your information? World-renowned scientific journals? No? We didn't think so.

Here's another fun trivia question: What fact applies to approximately 1/3 of men who are posting or responding to personal ads? The answer: they're married. WELL THEN.

We think you should get the Relationship Trivia Coasters if you're trying to convince the bachelorette that marriage just might not be the right choice for her and the groom-to-be. That, or you just like a nice, colorful coaster to protect your table.

In English and Spanish. 8 coasters.

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