A Leopard Print Thong in Large/X-Large Sizes


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This thong makes a hilarious gag gift for the groom-to-be. Get great bachelor party gifts like this here at Bachelorette.com.

Hot Facts

  • Leopard print thong
  • A great gag gift for the bachelor
  • Large/X-Large sized

Item Description

This Leopard Print Thong makes a great gag gift for a bachelor party. Okay, maybe this is more of a gift for the bachelor's bride-to-be than for the bachelor himself. After all, what lady isn't instantly turned on by the sight of a man in a leopard print banana hammock?

The Leopard Print Thong is sure to add some excitement and laughter to your Bachelor Party. Dare the bachelor (or someone else in your group) to wear it over their pants while you're out at the bars or clubs. They'll definitely get some interesting reactions. Or you could just give it to the bachelor to do with as he pleases.. but that's probably not something you want to think too much about.

Contains one thong in a Large/X-Large size. Made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. Hand wash cold. Line dry. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean.

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