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Mr. Wrong Game

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The Mr. Wrong Game is a hilarious bar game for you and your friends to play at a bachelorette party out on the town. Track down different male stereotypes and ask them questions or perform dares to earn points and win!

Hot Facts

  • Track down various male stereotypes
  • Perform dares or ask questions to earn points
  • Comes with 40 Mr. Wrong Cards

Item Description

From Mr. Soldier to Mr. Surfer, Mr. Player to Mr. Pothead; everybody knows some guys who fit certain male stereotypes so well you’re convinced they must have walked right out of a John Hughes movie. You and your friends have spent hours upon hours making fun of them behind their back, laughing at how ridiculous it is that they think they’re cool. But you know what will be even funnier? Making fun of them to their face.

I know what you’re thinking - that’s a terrible idea; these sad stereotypes would never stand for having their fragile male egos insulted like that. But here’s the trick - just tell them it’s part of a game. Guys love games, and no matter who they are, they’ll happily play along.

In the Mr. Wrong game, each girl will take one of the Mr. Wrong cards, which each depict a different male stereotype. Then you go out into the bar or club, try to find the guy on your card, and ask him questions or do dares to earn points. The tougher the challenge, the more points you get. You’ll only get one point for asking Mr. Badboy how many leather jackets he owns or Mr. Cheapskate if he cuts coupons, but challenge Mr. Couch Potato to a race around the bar or put your hands on Mr. Geek’s butt and you’ll net yourself a cool five points.

Once everyone returns from their man-finding expedition, you can tally up your points and see who the winner is. Or, you can each take another Mr. Wrong card and head back out into the fray - once you see how fun it is, you might be searching for Mr. Wrongs all night!

Contents: 40 Mr. Wrong cards.

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