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Naughty Gummy Emojis SALE
Naughty Gummy Emojis SALE
Naughty Gummy Emojis SALE
Naughty Gummy Emojis SALE

Naughty Gummy Emojis

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This bag of Naughty Gummy Emojis has three different delicious flavors of gummy candy, shaped like the most notoriously naughty emojis!

Hot Facts

  • Three Flavors
  • Naughty Emoji Shapes
  • 5oz of Candy
  • Item Description

    Having trouble understanding what the Gen Z flower girl is talking about when she texts you a string of nothing but emojis? Well, these gummies probably won’t help (at least we hope she’s not texting you any of these). But they will help if you’re looking for a delicious snack for the bachelorette party!

    Each bag of Naughty Gummy Emojis comes with an assortment of the three naughtiest emojis known to man (and teenager): the peach, taco, and eggplant emojis. Not only are they delicious, but we know all your dirty-minded bridesmaids will come up with hilarious and raunchy things to say about them. To answer the obvious questions: yes, the peach emoji is peach-flavored, but the taco is not taco-flavored and the eggplant is not eggplant-flavored. Eggplant-flavored gummies would be a little weird, even for us.

    Net weight 144g.

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