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Neon Pink Tumbler Cups - 25 SALE
Party Essentials Brights 25 Tumbler Cups SALE
Neon Pink Tumbler Cups - One Cup SALE
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Neon Pink Tumbler Cups - 25 - Perfect for Bachelorette Parties SALE

Neon Pink Tumblers - 25

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Neon Pink Tumbler Cups are a decorative way to drink exotic drinks, beer, or even use as ice cream cups.

Hot Facts

  • 25 Neon pink tumbler cups
  • Look great under any light

Item Description

Neon Pink Tumbler Cups are a decorative way to drink exotic mixed drinks, beer, wine, or whatever the bachelorette's drink of choice happens to be! Or, you could even use them as ice cream cups if you feel like indulging a different vice at your bachelorette party.

The bright pink color of these cups will undoubtedly go great with the Bachelorette Party theme of the night. Seriously, pink is pretty much the perfect color for any bachelorette party supplies. It goes with everything! Even better, these cups are reusable and disposable!

These hot pink cups are also black light responsive, making them that much more fun to drink out of. That's just part of the reason they'll become more and more fun as the night goes on. The other part has to do with what you're filling them with. The crazy drunk ladies at your party will love them.

25 neon pink tumblers per package.

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