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Pecker Popsicle Tray SALE
Pecker Popsicle Tray - Makes Two Popsicles SALE
Pecker Popsicle Tray - Made of PVC SALE

Pecker Popsicle Tray

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If you're looking for a sweet treat for your guests to suck on at the bachelorette party, why not make one yourself using this cute and durable penis-shaped popsicle tray!

Hot Facts

  • Makes pecker-shaped popsicles
  • Two popsicles per tray
  • Made from medical-grade PVC

Item Description

Need to break the ice between guests who don’t know each other at your upcoming bachelorette party? There’s no better way to break the ice than with... well, ice! Especially if that ice is penis-shaped, fruit-flavored, and possibly alcoholic. That would be perfect! But wherever will you find such a fantastic tool for phallically fostering friendships?

Come on now, where do you think you are? You can find such a thing right here at, of course! The Pecker Popsicle Tray will help you make the fruity frozen phalluses of your fantasies. This tray makes two impressively penis-shaped popsicles, and the sticks it comes with have balls at the bottom of them to complete the look once frozen. You can pour any kind of fruit juice into the mold and let them set overnight for a delicious dicky treat, or make things even more fun by freezing a mixed drink to make some boozy boners. Just make sure you have enough of these trays or start enough days in advance that you can make them for everyone at the party, because - unlike normal penises - these are cool cocks that everyone will be eager to suck on!

The Pecker Popsicle Tray is made from medical-grade PVC plastic and is freezer safe. Makes two popsicles.

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