Penis Bath Glove

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The Penis Bath Glove makes a great gag gift for the bride-to-be, and you can use it for some fun bachelorette party games too!

Hot Facts

  • Cute and Soft
  • Goofy Smiling Penis
  • Just Add Soapy Water

  • Item Description

    Ah, the Penis Bath Glove. Is there anything we can say about the Penis Bath Glove that the Penis Bath Glove doesn’t say about itself as soon as you make eye contact with it? One look into those eager eyes and that giddy smile, and you know exactly what the Penis Bath Glove is about. The Penis Bath Glove wants the bride-to-be to rub him all over her soapy naked body. And the bride-to-be will want to rub the Penis Bath Glove all over her soapy naked body, too. The Penis Bath Glove is so soft, and soaks up the suds so well. Way better than that dingy old loofa she’s been using. And just look at his cute little face. Goofy enough to make the Penis Bath Glove a great gag gift that everyone will laugh at at the party, and charming enough that the bride-to-be will keep using it long after the party is over. How could you say no to a Penis Bath Glove like that?

    This product description was definitely not written by the Penis Bath Glove.

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