Penis Blow-Outs

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Penis Blow-Outs are a great bachelorette party favor that will help you make your presence known at the bar, club, or wherever you go!

Hot Facts

  • Loud Noisemakers
  • Fun and Festive
  • 2 per pack

  • Item Description

    Here’s some fun bachelorette party activities that everyone will enjoy: eating cake, drinking games, blowing some big hard dicks… What? We’re talking about blowing on the Penis Blow-Outs. What did you think we meant? Get your mind out of the gutter.

    Penis Blow-Outs are a raunchy take on a classic party favor that are perfect for bachelorette parties. These noisemaker toys are shaped like hard plastic penises with a paper streamer that unfurls out when you blow on them. Use them to annoy the bride-to-be, to announce your arrival in the club, or just to make jokes about how good your friends are at blowing big dicks.

    2 per pack.

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