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Penis Lollipop Bouquet - Six Suckers SALE
Penis Lollipop Bouquet - Six Flavors SALE
Penis Lollipop Bouquet - Individually Wrapped SALE

A Bouquet of Six Penis Suckers

$4.49 $6.49 You save 31%
SKU: BP2861-D
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Every party needs a penis pop! Plan a great bachelorette party with help from the experts at

Hot Facts

  • Penis Lollipop Bouquet
  • With six penis suckers

Item Description

How does the Penis Lollipop Bouquet differ from the 6 Penis Lollipops in a Bouquet, you might ask? It really doesn't. This one is 49 cents cheaper. So we recommend it.

This is a better deal than most of the penis pops that we sell. Just grab one, two, or three bouquets, and you'll have a penis pop for every guest.

Assorted flavors. Six pops per bouquet.

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