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Hot Facts

  • Penis Jello Shot Tray
  • Makes 4 penis jello shots

Item Description

Make the wackiest jello shots your bachelorette will ever slurp with the Penis Jello Shot Tray! Penis Jello Shots are always a hit at bachelorette parties. No one can resist a jello shot, especially when it's penis-shaped.

The Penis Jello Shot Tray makes 4 penis jello shots, so we recommend buying a couple trays. Because let's be honest, splitting 4 jello shots between who knows how many guests is no one's idea of a party. Even if it was just you and the bachelorette, that wouldn't be enough alcohol to get even the lightest of lightweights tipsy.

This tray is nice because it's made out of a smooth silicone, so the jello shots will slide right out. We suggest buying two trays and making the jello in small batches. When a batch is done setting, remove the jello shots from the mold, place them on a tray, cover with plastic wrap and make another batch.

The jello shots will stay fresh for a day or so; after that they get sort of filmy. So if you thought you weren't quite going to be busy enough the day before the party, this will give you plenty more work to do all day long. But it will be oh so worth it when you and your friends get to enjoy the fruits (or rather, fruit-flavored penises) of your labors.

Each tray makes 4 Penis Jello Shots.

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