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Penis Lollipop Swirly Straw SALE
Penis Lollipop Swirly Straw SALE
Penis Lollipop Swirly Straw SALE

Penis Lollipop Swirly Straw

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The Penis Lollipop Swirly Straw combines two of our favorite things - penis straws and penis lollipops - for one great party treat!

Hot Facts

  • Strawberry Flavor
  • Reusable Straw
  • 28g
  • Item Description

    It’s a universally agreed-upon fact among bachelorette party planners and experts that getting the bride-to-be to put something dick-shaped in her mouth is a vital component of a successful bachelorette party. Where there is substantial disagreement, however, is on the question of which dick-shaped item is best for this. Some researchers argue that the penis straw is best, because she’ll keep going back to it throughout the entire night. Others contend that the penis lollipop has the clear advantage, because of how voraciously she’ll want to consume the tasty treat.

    Well, it’s finally time to put one of the greatest scientific debates of our generation to rest. The clear answer, and there can be no dispute, is: both! No, we don’t mean having the bride rapidly alternate between sucking on a penis lollipop and sucking on a penis straw (though that would be pretty funny too). We’re talking about a product that combines both of these bachelorette party favorites into one: the Penis Lollipop Swirly Straw!

    This long, twirling reusable fun straw has a candy penis attached to the end of it, so it doubles as a lollipop. You can just eat the lollipop, or just drink through the straw, or you can suck on the lollipop while sipping your drink to create some tasty new flavor combinations! It’s the most versatile way to suck dick ever! Plus, the twisting swirling fun straw design will remind the bride-to-be of sipping sodas in her childhood, which is exactly what you want to think about while you’re sucking a dick, right? It’s sure to be a hilarious time for everyone involved.

    Candy penis is strawberry flavored. Plastic straw is reusable. Net weight 0.9oz / 28g.

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