Rainbow Penis Ring Pop


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The Rainbow Penis Ring Pop is hilarious. Get it in private at your favorite bachelorette party store, Bachelorette.com, where we bill and ship with discretion.

Hot Facts

  • Rainbow Penis Ring Pop
  • A sucker on a ring
  • Pecker shaped

Item Description

Telling an adult women to shut up is not an option. We all know this. But sticking a Rainbow Penis Ring Pop in her mouth? That's a totally acceptable way of getting one of your best girlfriends to calm down. She might be surprised, but her annoyance will quickly fade away when she tastes the sweet fruit flavor and realizes just what her new sucker is shaped like. It's like a pacifier for adults, if pacifiers were way tastier and way funnier.

The Rainbow Penis Ring Pop is the perfect treat to take out of your arsenal when you need the girls to quiet down. The Rainbow Penis Ring Pop are big penis-shaped lollipops that all your bachelorette party guests can wear on their fingers throughout the party. It's a sweet treat and a fashion accessory all rolled into one, bringing the best of both worlds together to create an awesome accessory for any bachelorette party.

Every bachelorette party needs a penis lollipop, and this a great one to choose! Get a Rainbow Penis Ring Pop for each one of your guests and enjoy the silence. And enjoy the flavor. And enjoy laughing at the fact that you got a whole room full of girls to suck on big fruity rainbow penises!

Each package contains 1 Rainbow Penis Ring Pop.

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