Set of Penis Shot Glasses

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The set of Penis Shot Glasses gives every bachelorette party guest her own shot glass. Plan the perfect bachelorette party at

Hot Facts

  • Penis Shot Glasses
  • 6 shot glasses
  • Pink and purple

Item Description

Usually when you buy just one penis shot glass, you find it isn't enough. All the girls at your party start acting weird, asking to take shots from it. You're reluctant to risk the germs, but you figure the alcohol will kill them anyways and it's not a problem. But then, before you know it, the bachelorette's coveted penis shot glass is just plain missing. Now it really is a problem.

Cure this case of penis envy with the Penis Shot Glass Set. With six shot glasses, everyone will get to hold their own penis all night. They're pretty high-quality, too, so you can let the girls take them home as party favors and make the fun last even after the night is over. That is, if your own penis envy hasn't grown to the point where you want to keep them all, in order to avenge the single shot glass you lost once upon a time.

The Penis Shot Glass Set comes with three purple penis shot glasses and three pink penis shot glasses. These reusable plastic glasses will last and last, although we're not sure when you'll use them again. Maybe when the bride-to-be gets pregnant with a boy? Oh, who are we kidding, it's not like you need any excuse to break these out!

Each set contains 6 penis shot glasses.

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