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Penis VooDoo Doll SALE
Pecker Voodoo Doll SALE
Penis VooDoo Doll SALE
Penis VooDoo Doll SALE

The Pecker VooDoo Doll

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The Penis VooDoo Doll is a great gag gift for bachelorette parties. Get it at, where we help you plan the perfect bachelorette party.

Hot Facts

  • Penis VooDoo Doll
  • Curse your ex's penis
  • Comes with pins

Item Description

Does your bachelorette have a deep hatred for one of her exes? Maybe he cheated on her, dumped her via text, or was terrible in bed. Basically, he was a total asshole and your bachelorette can't quite get over it. Even if she is happy to be moving on!

Why not host a ritual of sorts, to help the bachelorette release all that pent-up anger? You could light some candles, and use some sage to help clear her house of energy from her old beau. Make sure to smudge the bedroom, to really rid her dwelling of penises past.

Why stop there? Pick up this Penis VooDoo Doll to help the bachelorette exact some revenge on her ex. This penis-shaped voodoo doll has areas that correspond to all kinds of penile discomfort. Use the included pins to inflict itching, testicular pain, ED, crabs, and many more! Tape a picture of his face on it for increased power.

Now that you've cursed the ex, it's time to get on with the celebration! Your bachelorette will love this game, especially if she's got a mean streak. Get it here at

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