Pink and Black Wiggly Penises You Wear on Your Head

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Pink and Black Willy Boppers are a goofy and hilarious bachelorette party accessory that all the guests will love. is proud to offer a wide selection of fun accessories like this.

Hot Facts

  • Pink and Black Willy Boppers
  • Wear them on your head
  • Looks ridiculous

Item Description

When you sell as many items and accessories for bachelorette parties as we do here at, you come across a lot of penises that have had some artistic liberties taken with their design. Furry penises. Flashing penises. Penises in all colors of the rainbow. Six foot penises with normal-sized balls. You get the idea.

But even with all of our experience, it seems likely that we’ve never come across penises quite as fabulous as the penises on these Pink and Black Willy Boppers. First of all, look at how nicely that bright and rich pink color contrasts with the black details and feathers at the base of the penises - not to mention, how fun are those feathers? On top of that, there’s a cute little heart design on the head of each penis. And best of all, though you can’t see it too well in the photo, there are glittery sparkles worked into the fabric of the penises to give them a shining, glimmering finish. How beautiful. I wish all the penises in my life looked like these (don’t tell my husband).

Pink and Black Willy Boppers are a fun bachelorette party accessory with bouncing penises on a headband that your bride-to-be can wear on her head to feel especially silly on her last night out. Well, anyone can wear them, but we’d recommend giving a pair to the bachelorette. She won’t even be embarrassed to be seen wearing penises so glamorous. In fact, she just might start wearing them every day of the year.

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