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Pink Drinking Helmet SALE
Pink Drinking Helmet - Holds Two Beers SALE

The Pink Drinking Helmet: The Ultimate Drinking and Fashion Accessory!

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The Pink Drinking Helmet combines a drinking accessory with a fashion accessory to give you a recipe for a wild and crazy bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • Pink Drinking Helmet
  • Sturdy and durable pink plastic
  • Holds two beers

Item Description

Is your bachelorette the type of girl who always has booze on her mind? Well, now she can have it there literally - by wearing it on her head with this Pink Drinking Helmet!

The helmet is neon pink, made of hard plastic, and features a drink holder on either side. A standard can of beer or similarly-sized beverage container will fit into each of these holders. Once the helmet and drinks are in place, just put one end of the straw into each container, and the last end into the bachelorette’s mouth, and suddenly she’ll find it a lot easier to draw those boozy ideas out of her mind and into her stomach. Or, if you don’t want the bachelorette to have all the fun, everyone at the party could wear one for a matching ensemble - people certainly won’t have trouble figuring out that you’re all partying together!

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